About Us

Our book club began a thousand pages ago.

 In 1994, eight women all fairly new to Atlanta began the Transplanted Readers Book Club. A number of our members have changed since then, but we still have two of our founding members. Today, our club is known as the Page Turners, and it is our love of the written word and a good story that draws us together to meet once a month, nine times a year.

Over the years, we have pursued earthly and divine love on Southern roads, we have experienced the horror of losing a child, we have survived a miserable Irish Catholic childhood, we have been unlucky with sevens, we have explored how to find happiness in a complex world, we have lived in London as a single woman trying to make sense of life and love, we have traveled back in time living as a Sassenach – an “outlander” in 1793, we have watched life on earth from heaven unable to let a family go, we have lived among a biblical sorority of women, we have discovered the answer to the simple question “Who is John Galt?”,  and we have grown up dirt-poor in the deep south…

All of this and more we have done, simply by being Page Turners.

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