Old and New Business

Hello Page Turners,

Thanks to Cathy for hosting us and Juanita for a good discussion that brought out a lot of interesting topics! We missed those of you who couldn’t join us!

The book Four of a Kind started with 6.2 rating, and ended with a 6.9. If we had given first and second place based on our votes throughout the year, first place would have gone to The Aviator’s Wife, and second place to Defending Jacob. Voting at the final meeting came up with the following awards:

1st The Aviator’s Wife (Cathy)
2nd The Kitchen House (Elizabeth)
3rd Madame Tussaud (Donna)

Our kick-off meeting for next year will be August 9 – 11. We will be at Jeanne’s lake house on the 10th, and I can’t remember if we decided where to go on the 9th, so if someone could clear that up, please do. We will do a compare and contrast of two books: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Dinner by Herman Koch. Cathy will be our discussion leader. (Warning… The Dinner is only available in hardback on Amazon, but not that expensive, and there are 121 holds currently at the Gwinnett County library, so make your plans on how to obtain your copy early!) Come prepared to sign up for the month you want to read and/or hostess, and if you have read anything great over the summer to recommend, bring that list, too.

Two items of business that I realized we didn’t talk about are our extra-curricular activities.

Those of you who are going to the play “The Book Club Play”, it is next Sunday, May 19 at 5:00. If you haven’t gotten a ticket and want to join us, go to www.horizontheatre.com to purchase yours. Right now our play attendees are: me, Jan, Juanita, Lee Ann, and Carole. I will email later this week to make our plans.

For anyone who is interested in going to The High to see the exhibit Girl with a Pearl Earring, stay tuned for more from Jan. The exhibit runs between June 23 and Sept. 29. If you haven’t read the book, you have plenty of time, and it is a great one! Or you can take the easy route and watch the movie.

Have a great summer!